Mastigos of the Silver Ladder, Spook,


Gnosis 3

Mind 3
Space 2
Time 2

Status (Silver Ladder) 1
Status (NSA) 1
Mentor(Gideon) 1
Occultation 2
Resources 1
Eidetic Memory 2


Smiley grew up in a broken home, his mother a heavy alcoholic, in a low rent apartment complex in Atlanta, This world gave smily a natural affinity for secrets and lies. through a bit of social maneuvering at his high school, and a personal visit to the campus where he fast fast talked his way off of the wait-list, he was able to receive a a scholarship to the University of Rochester, Where he studied political science. After graduating, Smiley received a job offer to work for the National Security Agency where he worked in counterintelligence, working his way into different departments of the government, looking for actors out to harm the national trust, It was in this role, while investigating congressman Rand Paul, that he was awoken.


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